How to prepare files in 3ds Max for owo360

download script for 3ds max (beta test)

NEW Version 14.12.2020

Drag the script into the 3dsMax window. The script itself will add a button to the top menu, after the help button.

1/ Install the cameras in the scene. You can create a new camera or copy an already configured from the scene. Next, the cameras will be copied from the first created in the layer "owo360"

2 / export the geometry! Hide all small and high polygonal objects, leave only the main planes and click Geometry Export.
Before exporting geometry, hide all complex models, ideally leave only the walls, ceiling, and floor.
File geometry.fbx should not take up much space!

file geometry.fbx should not take up much space!  Ideally it is about 5 mb. If your file takes up a lot of space, optimize it in low poly

3 / Render 360 - Set the settings for rendering 360 spherical panoramas. Click render360.
For good quality, we recommend using 8000*4000 px resolution.

4 / Copy all files from the project folder to your owo360 account

Corona render settings

Add the CoronaCameraMod modifier to all cameras in the owo360 layer
Install Camera Projection / Override: Spherical

Publish on your website

To do this, use the iframe embed code. Replace "your tour" with a link from your personal account. Paste the code on your site specifying the size of the iframe.

<iframe style="width:100%;height:100%;" src=" tour"></iframe>

Error correction

1. If the size of the points and the cursor are huge, then the scene has incorrect physical dimensions.
2. If the cursor is missing or disappears in some places. Problems with or lack of scene geometry. Normal values can also be inverted.